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Hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic cylinder) is a hydraulic motor with a reciprocating operating principle.

The piston cavity created by the fluid pressure, which leads to the advancement of the stem. Due to the spring, the rod returns to its original location. There are hydraulic cylinders, piston, piston, telescopic, translational and rotary action.

Advantages of hydraulic cylinders

The main advantages of the hydraulic cylinders is the fact that the hydraulic cylinder unit is designed for lifting heavy loads. The high wear resistance of cylinder provides a strong outer casing. A stable operation is guaranteed by the high rigidity of the cylinder and secure fixation of the cargo.

Depending on the design of the hydraulic cylinders can be lead to different devices.

The advantages of using hydraulic cylinders appreciated builders and design engineers, which ensured their widespread in construction and industry.

The use of hydraulic cylinders

Simple and compact design of hydraulic cylinders, as well as a variety of models, allows the use of hydraulic cylinders in many fields of industry and construction. Using hydraulic cylinders improves the performance of enterprises and specialized equipment.

Metals: mechanisms for ovens, plates, rolling mills, metal working, machine tools, etc.

Manufacturing industry: wood processing, wood processing, pressing of wood products, manufacturing of brick, concrete products, etc.

Construction: to hoist bridges, mining equipment, gates, jacks, etc.

Mechanical engineering / transport: hydraulic drives of excavators, tractors and other machinery, hydraulic cylinders lift the body, the crane boom, bucket and so on. Replacement of non-standard and imported components.

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