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Welcome to the online store of tools ProofTools. We conduct our operations in 2012, is constantly expanding the range represented by the professional tools and equipment. In our catalog you will find a tool for service centers, hand tools, service station equipment, diagnostic, hydraulic, pneumatic tools, equipment and tools for repair Common Rail, power tools, as well as anti-friction lubricant Prolong.

Our online store offers a tool really wide selection, as well as the opportunity to really save. We also offer advice in choosing the right equipment for diagnostics of cars and other tools. Our experts know a lot about this, and therefore happy to help you.

Priority directions of our activity - delivery tools as service centers and private buyers. We will provide the SRT tool for service centers, equipment for mounting and also be able to offer an almost limitless range of professional hand tools: Erba, Wallmek, Pichler, Triumf Professional tools, Condor Werkzeug. Online shop tools ProofTools has an excellent reputation among a large number of clients. And this number is constantly growing.


In view of the increased number of cars on the roads, and the growing number of service stations. Visit stations and inspection - required seasonal conditions car care. If your profession - service and repair garages, you will certainly be interested Shop tools ProofTools.