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Drill bits for metal, Condor

0.07 €
Goods code: con-xs

Are available : Unlimited

Code Pcs Price with VAT Specification
con-xs-110,07 1,0mm DIN338
con-xs-1,210,07 1,2mm DIN338
con-xs-1,510,07 1,5mm DIN338
con-xs-1010,93 10mm DIN338
con-xs-10,511,10 10,50mm DIN338
con-xs-1111,00 11mm DIN338
con-xs-1211,27 12mm DIN338
con-xs-1311,56 13mm DIN338
con-xs-210,08 2mm
con-xs-2,110,08 2,1mm DIN338
con-xs-2,210,08 2,2mm DIN338
con-xs-2,510,08 2,5mm DIN338
con-xs-310,10 3mm
con-xs-3,110,12 3,1mm DIN338
con-xs-3,210,10 3,2mm DIN338
con-xs-3,310,12 3,3mmDIN338
con-xs-3,510,12 3,5mm DIN338
con-xs-3,810,14 3,8mm DIN338
con-xs-410,14 4mm
con-xs-4,110,12 4,1mm DIN 338
con-xs-4,210,14 4,2mm DIN338
con-xs-4,510,15 4,5mm DIN338
con-xs-4,810,19 4,8mm DIN338
con-xs-510,19 5mm DIN338
con-xs-5,110,19 5,1mm DIN338
con-xs-5,210,17 5,2mm DIN338
con-xs-5,510,22 5,5mm DIN338
con-xs-610,27 6mm
con-xs-6,110,24 6,1mm DIN338
con-xs-6,510,32 6,5mm DIN338
con-xs-710,39 7mm DIN338
con-xs-7,510,41 7,5mm DIN338
con-xs-810,56 8mm
con-xs-8,110,44 8,1mm DIN338
con-xs-8,510,58 8,5mm
con-xs-910,66 9mm DIN338
con-xs-9,510,76 9,5mm DIN338
con-xsco-110,27 1,0mm cobalt
con-xsco-1,210,291,2 mm cobalt
con-xsco-1,510,30 1,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-1015,07 10mm cobalt
con-xsco-1116,56 11mm cobalt
con-xsco-1218,03 12mm cobalt
con-xsco-1319,16 13mm cobalt
con-xsco-210,30 2mm cobalt
con-xsco-2,110,34 2,1mm cobalt
con-xsco-2,210,34 2,2mm cobalt
con-xsco-2,510,39 2,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-2,810,49 2,8mm cobalt
con-xsco-310,46 3,0mm cobalt
con-xsco-3,110,54 3,1 mm cobalt
con-xsco-3,210,56 3,2mm cobalt
con-xsco-3,510,61 3,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-3,810,78 3,8 mm cobalt
con-xsco-410,78 4mm cobalt
con-xsco-4,110,81 4,1mm cobalt
con-xsco-4,210,81 4,2mm cobalt
con-xsco-4,510,90 4,5 mm cobalt
con-xsco-4,811,05 4,8 mm cobalt
con-xsco-511,05 5mm cobalt
con-xsco-5,111,19 5,1mm cobalt
con-xsco-5,211,29 5,2mm cobalt
con-xsco-5,511,24 5,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-611,49 6mm cobalt
con-xsco-6,211,88 6,2 mm cobalt
con-xsco-6,511,95 6,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-6,812,00 6,8 mm cobalt
con-xsco-712,39 7mm cobalt
Con-xsco-7,512,64 7,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-813,22 8mm cobalt
con-xsco-8,513,39 8,5mm cobalt
con-xsco-914,03 9mm cobalt
con-xsco-9,514,18 9,5mm cobalt


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