Tools for Repair and Maintenance of Auto Suspensions




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A car’s suspension plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. Suspension maintenance and repair require the use of specialized tools. In this guide, we’ll look at the basic tools needed to repair and maintain your suspension, and give helpful tips on choosing and using them.

How to Choose Tools for Suspension Repair

Choosing the right tools for car suspension repair requires considering the type of vehicle, the condition of its suspension, and the specific tasks to be performed. It is important to choose high-quality and reliable tools to ensure safe and efficient work.

Basic Tools for Car Suspension Maintenance
Spring Ties: Essential for the safe removal and installation of suspension springs.
Ball Joint Replacement Tools: Includes pullers and presses that allow you to quickly and safely replace worn ball joints.
Wheel Alignment Kits: Used to fine-tune wheel angles after suspension repairs.
Hydraulic jacks and stands: Provide reliable support for the vehicle when working with the suspension.
Suspension Repair and Maintenance Tips

Proper use of tools and regular suspension maintenance will help extend component life and ensure a comfortable ride. It is important to monitor the condition of shock absorbers, springs, levers and other suspension elements, as well as timely diagnostics and repairs.


Question: How often should you check your car’s suspension? Answer: It is recommended to have a full suspension check every 20,000 kilometers or when signs of trouble such as knocking noises or poor handling appear.


Tools for car suspension repair and maintenance are an important part of the arsenal of any car enthusiast or professional mechanic. The correct selection and use of these tools will help you effectively solve your suspension problems and keep your vehicle in top condition.

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