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Bits, kits, inserts, percussion bits RIBE, SPLINE, TORX


1) Screwdrivers with straight slot, the simplest screwdriver with the most common name: “minus” or “minus”. Marking: SL (“Slotted”).

2) Crosshead screwdrivers, “Phillips screwdrivers”, “plus”, “plus” or “self-pushing”. Marking: PH (“Phillips”).

3) Phillips screwdrivers with a hole in the center of the working part for the guide. Marking: Phillips Tamper Resistant.

4) Combo screwdrivers, combining in its working part of the cross and direct slot.

5) One of the varieties of a cross screwdriver – Quadrex. This is a combination of a Phillips profile and a square guide (Square).

6) Screwdrivers with a cross-shaped working part and with additional four beams. Marking: PZ (Pozidriv).

7) Square screwdriver. Marking: Square Head. May be called Robertson.

8) The same Square Head screwdriver with a hole for the guide. Marking: Square Tamper Resistant.

9) an asterisk screwdriver. Marking: Torx.

10) A screwdriver called an asterisk with a pin. Marking: Torx Tamper Resistant.

11) The screwdriver is very similar to the No. 9, however, the “star” rays are a bit shorter and not so sharp. Marking: Torx Plus.

12) Screwdriver with a five-pointed asterisk and a hole. Marking: Torx Plus Tamper Resistant.

13) Hex screwdriver. Such screwdrivers look more like keys and are used to tighten screws with similar hex grooves, sometimes called imbus keys. Marking: Hex Driver.

14) The same hex screwdriver, but with a hole for the guide. Marking: Hex Tamper Resistant.

15) A rather exotic “trefoil screwdriver”, with a specific three-winged working part. Marking: Tri-Wing.

16) Rare “Phillips asymmetric screwdriver.” Its most important feature is a powerful tightening that is practically unattainable in other types of screwdrivers. Marking: Torq.

17) Screwdriver with a working part in the form of a bifurcated plug. Marking: Spanner.

18) A very specific screwdriver used exclusively on Chevrolet and GMC trucks. Marking: Clutch.

19) Another specific screwdriver, which is almost not found. Marking: Eight-wing.

20) Screwdriver, designed specifically for game consoles Nintendo and Gameboy. Marking: Linehead.

21) Very rare screwdriver with a pentagonal profile. Marking: Penta-drive.

22) Twelve-star screwdriver used on some models of Volkswagen cars. Marking: Spline.

23) Special screwdriver, designed for some models of American car stereos, as well as other electronic products. Marking: Tri-groove.

24) Screwdrivers with triangular slot. Sometimes found in computing, toys, car models. Marking: Triangle.

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