Car repairing tools

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What kind of maintenance work is normally carried out by the owner? We are not talking about complex work such as engine rebuilding or the return of the original geometry of the car body. After all, most ordinary caravans do not have special skills, as well as the ability to purchase and place expensive equipment in their garage. This will be the question of the simplest technical operations with which the car owner can handle himself, and many of them are: from oil change and seasonal rubber to simple body repair.
Interesting statistics: A survey conducted by Yekaterinburg’s motorists research company “Marka Group”, which shows that every six months 24.5% of respondents car maintenance or repairs, almost every month – 21.9%. More than 50% of respondents said that they applied these services to the car care center, but the number of people who independently serviced their car is also high – 37.3%.
The reasons for the drivers themselves doing some basic work:
If there is even a small skill and it makes no sense to make paid maintenance when you can do everything yourself.
You do not need to spend time on trips to the city car repair shops, looking for a good craftsman, recording and waiting until the work is completed. During this time you can do everything in your garage.
Many experienced drivers do not trust everyone in your car and are happy to do it themselves. After all, you can only do it in your own conscience.
There are only very interested people who have the right to go to the garage on any weekend to care for the car. And those who are well versed in car repair are always happy to help and familiar drivers. Returning to the above-mentioned survey results, we add that about 10% of respondents do not relate to this service, but to their friends.
The tool we are talking about is included in any car repair workshop arsenal, but it is also useful for motorists. And, to make it easier for you to choose, you have to go from what you plan to accomplish.
Assembly and assembly works

Everything that involves regular car maintenance, minor repairs or replacement of parts, of course, needs to disassemble old units and connections. For example, note the replacement of wheels – you need to unscrew and fasten anchorages or change the oil filter – you need to remove the used item and insert a new one. Each task has its own tool. From the table, you can find out what these devices are and what they are.
In addition to these highly specialized car seats, nuts, screwdrivers and other hand tools are used for car maintenance. Universal car kits are very popular among automobile enthusiasts, which usually include everything you need: keys, rattles, extension cords, drivers, adapters, screwdrivers, heads with different holes, bits, etc. The kit may contain between 80 and 200 or more pieces of instruments and instruments. All of this is packed in a case that is very convenient for storage and transport in the car’s boot. As soon as you need to unscrew an element, the desired tool will be at hand.
If you already have experience with anchorages, you probably know that not every attachment is easily removed by ordinary hand-held devices. It can be very difficult to unscrew damaged bolts and pins. Special equipment – hoods will help them cope. Looks like they are similar to bits or drills and are made of durable alloy steel. The end of the extractor has a thread that allows it to be screwed into the anchor and completely removed. When working with stuck nuts, it is used with a nut.
Professional advice: When choosing an instrument for car maintenance, pay attention to the production material. Typically, the workpiece is made of tool or alloy steel and is covered with anti-corrosion compound. Highly durable products with a chromium-free surface that does not corrode, even when exposed to constant moisture.
Wheels, spark plugs, oil filter replacement and other jobs can be done by almost anyone with more or less experienced drivers – just read the instructions or watch the internet as it’s done. But there are jobs that can not be handled by everyone, for example by securing the anvil to the car body. You have to learn the technique and you need to get enough experience to do your own tin work. Usually it is done by very enthusiastic people. If you are one of them, then talk about which autotool you might need.
Small body repair
For example, after a minor accident, the car has a small entrance or you have purchased a used car with an existing defect. Frequent car owners themselves repair local losses and do not require this service in this area.