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Let’s talk about the scan tool, motor-tester and other diagnostic equipment for troubleshooting in the car. What are and what are applied.
Diagnostic equipment is divided into several groups. The first group includes scanners that are able to diagnose any car. The second – the motor-testers, designed for the diagnosis of the engine control unit. The third – devices that test a specific system.AUTOMOTIVE SCANNER
Automotive scanner – a device designed to diagnose electronic “stuffing.” A special feature of the scanner, it does not have its own sensor, but is connected to the computer and reads information from the system. Because modern computer cars literally “larded” sometimes find and eliminate certain types of faults without the scanner is not possible.
With the scan tool can receive passport ECU data, remove the accumulated error, activate the equipment to reprogram the unit, change the display current information on the dashboard. And this is not a complete list of features.
Some scanners have settings reading function, the computer recorded simultaneously with the error code, which allows the diagnostician not only find fault, but also to identify its causes. Also, many devices are able to remove the current settings, not only from full-time sensors, but also with the help of additional functionality, such as an oscilloscope and multimeter.PERFORMANCE MOTOR SCANNER
Car as scanners are autonomous (self) of the device and the PC in complex consisting of software and a set of adapters. Autonomous mobile device, software system requires user-friendly interface based on the familiar operating system.
There are several types of scanners:Dealer scanners – have the opportunity to work with a particular brand of car or several “sister”. They implemented a wide range of functions and provides a so-called slave diagnostics. This means that the scanner can not only give out the error code and the place of its occurrence. He leads the diagnostician for a particular algorithm, giving the possible causes of errors and solutions to the problem.Multibrand scanners – are working with a “fleet”, which is their main advantage. Car manufacturers use different communication protocols and a different configuration of the diagnostic connector. Feature multimarochnikov that they support multiple protocols and are supplied with a set of adapters, cables.
Scanners functionality for each brand is limited. For example, multimarochniki virtually “can not” reprogram the ECU and are not adapted to adapt the actuators. They have no knowledge of diagnostics options, it is simply an error code and the place of its origin. To resolve the problem of the techniques necessary to use special directories, decrypt the code, and then find your own way out.

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