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Balancing and tire fitting machines, weights. lapins, tire vulcanizers, bolon wrenches, machines for straightening cast disks


Tire fitting equipment
The equipment for tire fitting includes not one machine, but a whole set of installations for the main types of works on repair and maintenance of automobile wheels.
In general, it is used in specialized workshops, tk. In contrast to car service they have a narrower specialization associated with the repair and maintenance of the wheels of trucks and cars.

Prices for tire fitting equipment
The cost of equipment largely depends on what type of wheels you are going to work with, the load of the tire fitting, the required level of convenience. So, for example, cargo tire fitting equipment is more expensive than for cars. The price of equipment for tire fitting with full automation of the process is also significantly higher than that of the equipment. The manufacturer’s name plays an important role, Known brands, as a rule, value their reputation and are responsible for the quality of their products.

Features of equipment for cargo tire mounting
Since the size of the wheels for trucks is greater than that of the car, maintenance and repair require specialized truck tire fitting equipment that can handle wheels up to 50 inches in diameter. In addition, wheels of this diameter have a large mass and require more equipment from the equipment.

Types of equipment:

Tire mounting stand – is a special equipment with a rotary table, mounting rack, a device for attaching the wheel and pedals control. It works from the mains, and the mounting head – from the pneumatic network. Used such equipment for tire fitting, when it is necessary to replace the tire or the camera.
Balancing stand – designed to identify and eliminate wheel imbalance. To do this, the wheel is mounted and fixed to the shaft of the machine. When the wheel rotates, the electronics reads the deviation parameters, and all indicators are displayed. This type of tire fitting, with a weight of up to 60 kg, is suitable for servicing the wheels of passenger cars, and trucks are designed for loads of up to 200 kg
Vulcanizer – this equipment is used to repair damage to tires and chambers. To the place of damage is attached a patch made of raw rubber, the product is placed on the desktop and fixed with a clamp. When the heat is applied, the patch is securely adhered.

Auxiliary equipment for tire fitting – a bath for checking the tightness of wheels and chambers, borotatorshirers for flashing tires, nitrogen generators and compressors for inflating the wheels.

Recommendations for selection
We sell a tool and tire fitting equipment in two directions: for cars and trucks. Installations for servicing the wheels of passenger cars are designed for products with a maximum diameter of up to 40 inches. Also consider the maximum wheel width setting, which is 10 to 16 inches.
Tire fitting equipment, in fact, is not the main, but very in demand in the conditions of almost any car service. Although the demand for these services has a pronounced seasonal character (mass retooling “for the winter” and “summer”), nevertheless, work on repairing the wheels (punctures, cuts) is always in demand. Good equipment allows you to easily repair all common types of wheels without the possibility of spoiling anything. After all, a modern set of equipment for tire fitting involves not only machines and balancing stands, but also various adaptations that greatly facilitate work. For example, the so-called “third hand” greatly simplifies the procedure of mounting / dismounting a low-profile or hard rubber wheel. You can divide all the devices into cars and trucks. In the first case, the balancing machines are mainly designed for work with wheels weighing up to 80 kg., Although the diameter of the disc with which can handle is 30 inches. The equipment for cargo tire fitting can work with heavy wheels with a diameter of 2300 mm. Freight by default has an elevator easy installation of wheels on the machine and allows you to do without the operator without assistance. Qualitative tire fitting equipment, the sale of which does not make you blush to the buyer, is not always only “expensive” or “very expensive.”
Buy tire fitting equipment, the price of which is right for you, is now quite simple. Products from Italy are widely represented on the market. . The Italian equipment for tire fitting has a long history, very high quality and technologically made. Buy it can be somewhat cheaper machines produced in Germany or the US, but it is not inferior in quality or in capabilities. If you do not plan to spend a large amount on buying a set of equipment for tire fitting, but at the same time plan to work out frequent repairs for 5-7 years – this is your option.
Tire fitting equipment – China, appeared on our market not so long ago. However, the current crisis time has shown that its price is very high.

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