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Metal cabinets
Metal wardrobes for clothes. Cabinets for overalls are used in production, sports and other premises, as well as for locker rooms. Cabinets for clothes and wardrobes for overalls allow to organize a compact and inconspicuous storage of outer clothing and personal belongings of office employees, visitors or customers.
The main purpose of the wardrobe for clothes – the storage of things, outerwear, umbrellas, replacement shoes and hats. Also metal cabinets differ in design, there are assembled cabinets and disassembled in a package.
The advantage of the assembled wardrobe is that it is ready for use right after delivery. But there is also a small drawback – a large volume during transportation, as it can be difficult when skidding the cabinet into the room.
Naturally disassembled cabinets do not have such problems and they can be safely transported in a package and brought into apartment houses without any problems.Prefabricated wardrobes are divided according to the method of assembly: on self-cuts, rivets, hooks, combined.
Nowadays there is no doubt that metal cabinets are the most reliable. Reliability is not the only advantage, they are also very durable and with their strength and reliability they weigh less than wooden cabinets! It can be stated that in metal closets, functionality is combined with reliability and ease.
The main advantages of metal cabinets for locker rooms and cabinets for overalls are: high strength, durability, resistance to environmental influences. This is especially true in rooms with high humidity, for example, in the locker rooms of swimming pools, gyms, etc.
All wardrobes for dressing rooms and wardrobes for working clothes are equipped with built-in locks, so that they can be used as storage chambers. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of storage of things, the wardrobe of the metal wardrobe necessarily has special ventilation louver in the case. And most importantly – our metal wardrobes for dressing rooms allow us to equip a changing room of any shape. Since the cabinets for dressing rooms and workwear have standard sizes and are combined into blocks, you only need to calculate the required number.
Metal cases for clothes can be equipped with benches, a special box or shoe rack, mirrors, a different number of internal compartments, hangers, rails, so each wardrobe for working clothes and a wardrobe can be equipped at your discretion.