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Automotive compressors, single-phase, three-phase, spare parts for compressors.


Compressor – a special apparatus intended for injection, compression and supply of gas or air under considerable pressure. If you are familiar with the nomenclature and clearly know how to purchase a compressor, you can proceed with the purchase. But there is a category of people who have not yet decided on the model. Specially designed for them in this article.
Modern compressor – a practical and well functional device. Each of the types of compressors is provided for high quality and rapid execution of certain types of work.
Compressors, in turn, have different technical characteristics, power and performance. For example, cars in the garage owner indispensable compact compressor for paint coating machine. At the same time in the office of the dentist also can not do without air high pressure compressor.
Most budget option – oil-free piston compressor is small. However, it should be noted that the functional unit in such a very limited. It can be used for coloring articles of small sizes and inflation in car wheels.
The use of automotive air compressor oil-based is more significant. It is a qualitative and serious assistant in the garage for servicing their own vehicles, and the service station.
You can select and diesel compressor. He is mobile, it can be set, regardless of power source. It is practical to buy for holiday economy.

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