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For engine repair and timing belt change


Some repair operations are impossible without the use of special equipment, which is adapted to repair specific models and components. Special accuracy requires diagnostics and replacement of spare parts of power units: for example, when replacing elements of the gas-distributing mechanism, precise adjustment of the timing phases is necessary so that in future the valves work properly for inlet and outlet of the fuel mixture from cylinders.

For each type of engine, you can choose the right tools: for example, for diesel and gasoline engines, different sets of tools are needed. However, the same power unit can be installed on different car series.

Special tools presented in the catalog, helps to significantly facilitate the work of auto mechanics and ensures the integrity of the vehicle systems. For example, without a device for replacing the silent blocks, it is impossible to quickly and without damage to press out the rubber bushings from the levers.

Our catalog contains a high-quality tool designed for car repairs.
• key for dismantling and installation of the fuel pump;
• belt tensioner clips, injection pump pulley (for diesel engines and engines with direct fuel injection);
• pullers of a set of high-voltage wires;
• a device for dismantling oil filters;
• camshaft and crankshaft locks;
• pullers for engine injectors;
• equipment for the repair of suspension elements and chassis
is the largest German automobile association, the divisions of which include the most famous European brands of cars. A characteristic feature of representatives is the commonality of platforms, and accordingly, the use of identical components and parts.

Group cars are manufactured according to the high technological requirements on the most modern equipment. Also for their repair should be used high-quality components and accurate service tools.