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Accumulator, electric, hand winches, chain hoists.


For every driver, both with many years of experience and with minimal experience, it is no secret that despite their high manufacturability and precise production technology, all cars, regardless of price and brand, require careful personal care, timely troubleshooting and regular repair. Providing such services by specialized technical service centers is usually expensive. That is why the online store offers to buy hoist winch and many other tools that allow you to independently maintain your own vehicle.
Automobile winches represent the mechanisms fixed on cars, intended for its movement. As you know, the mass of the machine varies within several tons, which means that the repairman alone cannot afford to move it. They are divided by the mechanism of work on the electric, powered by car batteries, mechanical and hydraulic, working through the power steering pump.

Here you can buy a hoist winch most suitable for your needs, professional, semi-professional and amateur level. Features of the design and materials used for the manufacture of such equipment make it possible to obtain good results with a minimum of effort, and for both experienced and novice auto repairmen.

In our shop in the catalog of the instrumental club a wide range presents all the necessary components. These are cables made of artificial materials and metal, towing hooks of various sizes, lifting brackets, tracks and winch reinforcement blocks, as well as ready-made accessories in a convenient protective bag.

All products offered by differ in the first place, good quality and high durability, and secondly, long service lives and reliability, and thirdly, optimal cost. Another advantage of the online store is the ability to not only buy a hoist winch, but also all the necessary components, spending a minimum of time and effort. Finally, buying equipment in the tool club, you get a faithful assistant in the auto repair for many years.
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