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Hydraulic press, pullers, pipe benders, engine valves, cylinders, pumps, transmission stands, pumps.


Hydraulic equipment of European quality!
In the 21st century any auto repair even the lowest level should be in the arsenal of modern hydraulic equipment for car service. It is impossible to carry out quality repairs to cars, not using this type of equipment. And even more so for those service stations that seek to provide services to the European level. Therefore, we offer you immediately acquire an innovative hydraulic equipment for service after the purchase of which the number of your customers will increase by several times.
High-quality hydraulic press from Prooftools
So, in our online store you can buy hydraulic equipment of the highest class, namely, the best hydraulic press, which were collected in Europe with all international quality standards. So if you’re serious about buying the hydraulic equipment, we are at your service. The range of our constantly updated and always eats, with plenty to choose from. And the prices are always pleasantly surprise you.
Modern designDurable wear-resistant coatingHigh pressure ratioLong service lifeWarranty 36 monthsThese are just a few of the benefits of our hydraulic presses. And feel them fully, you can after buying most of the hydraulic equipment at a price that is sure to be you can afford.
A pleasant shopping and a pleasant work
Once again we want to emphasize that all our hydraulic tools and equipment bring you great pleasure during operation. You can be sure of that at 100%. After the purchase of hydraulic tools and equipment efficiency of the wizard increase several times, and, respectively, and increase the profit of your car service.
Prior to the sale of hydraulic equipment we will advise you on all the issues that you have no difficulties with the operation of the equipment. We are always happy to advise you and explain everything that interests you. After all, we do not just sell hydraulic equipment, we care about you.

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