Car lifts for car service


Car lifts for car service
The company “PROOFTOOLS” offers electromechanical and hydraulic car lifts that every garage of a car workshop needs. Platforms for trucks and cars are divided into several types: we offer you four-post, two-post, as well as rolling, plunger and ditch structures. The catalog contains lifts for car service for lifting agricultural machinery, trolley buses, buses
This equipment can be installed on almost any level surface, and it does not take up much space. We supply car lifts manufactured at Russian enterprises. We guarantee the high quality of the systems, they have all been repeatedly tested and fully meet the stated technical characteristics. This is a professional equipment, and we guarantee that it is reliable in operation. “PROOFTOOLS” offers a huge range of wear-resistant and durable hoists, which provide a multi-level security system.
Purchase hydraulic lifts that will last for many years, providing your garage with the equipment you need, creating a comfortable and safe working environment for auto repair shop personnel.
Purchase the best modern certified equipment for car service, characterized by high reliability and durability. You can clarify any necessary information with the company personnel.

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