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A special department of the catalog allows you to pick up a pit jack, which greatly facilitates repair work at service stations. Thanks to this device, it is easier to access the various components and assemblies of vehicles in the pit. The equipment requires the presence of side guides to ensure its free movement. Only in this way, it is easy to achieve lifting a certain part of the vehicle.


We are constantly expanding the list of proposed devices. Our specialists are well aware that not every service station is equipped with guides. In this case, it is advisable to use a product that is easy to move directly along the bottom of the pit. The presence of spring-loaded wheels allows you to take a starting position at any point.

The device is already stabilized with a load of 200 kg, and you can begin lifting the vehicle for repairs. It is reasonable to order, buy a pit hydraulic jack, if you are going to work with heavy machinery, you need to quickly lift cars to a predetermined height. Any equipment presented on our portal is distinguished by a high degree of reliability, ease of operation and maintenance. Getting from us the pit jack (traverse), you get the following advantages:

supply contracts are concluded only with well-known manufacturers who produce unpretentious devices that have been certified and have earned flattering expert assessments at the international level;
each model comes with a full package of accompanying documents, including instructions, warranty;
Our service engineers can install equipment at a service station – the cost of services depends on the selected product, the level of complexity of work and the location of the service within the Moscow region;
full technical support is provided during operation; oil, gaskets, and other components are supplied.

Especially popular among customers is the manual hydraulic traverse, which belongs to the unpretentious, inexpensive equipment. When choosing such a model, it is necessary to consider the following characteristics:

capacity indicators;
instance height and lift range;
platform width and length adjustment;
Hydraulic traverse with a manual drive is regulated within certain limits along the track.
A convenient filter system makes it possible to select a copy that meets the requirements of customers. It is possible to search by country of manufacture, brand, price. It is easy to choose a successful model in terms of capacity and type of drive. If you experience difficulties in the selection process, the portal managers will provide professional assistance. Describe the conditions of activity, the upcoming load, and you will be offered several models of different brands. Based on the technical features, the cost factor, you can get a good copy. The pit jack supplied by our company will serve for a long time, facilitating the work of service specialists, reducing the time required for repairing vehicles.

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