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For servicing cars and trucks, four-post lifts are installed in car repair shops. Unlike one- and two-post, they are more stable and can lift loads weighing several tens of tons. This equipment is used for diagnostics, repair and wheel alignment.

Design features and principle of operation
An automobile four-post lift consists of four racks and a platform fixed on them (two guides). It is equipped with an electro-hydraulic hoist. The hydraulic cylinder is located in the ladder, and the pump with the liquid is fixed in a prominent place in one of the racks so that the user can control the level of the working fluid. For the car to arrive at the platform there are inclined adjustable platforms. The platform is raised and lowered when the user presses a button on the control panel.

There are also four-post lifts, in which the racks are not interconnected, each of them is equipped with a hydraulic pump station and a platform under the wheel. The movable platforms of the racks are easily fitted to the wheels of the car, and each platform is lifted individually or all at once. Basically, such four-post lifts are used to service trucks.

Important Features
Carrying capacity. This is the maximum allowable weight for which the four-post lift is designed. There are models both for passenger cars (3500 – 4000 kg), and for trucks (up to 45 000 kg).

Lifting height. This is the distance from the ground that the platform rises. Different four-post lifts have a maximum value for this parameter from 150 to 200 cm.

The length of the platform (gangways). Depending on which cars you plan to service, choose a four-post lift suitable for their dimensions. For passenger cars and SUVs, a construction with ramps up to 4800 mm long is suitable, for gazelles and minibuses more than 5000 mm.

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