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When servicing a motorcycle, it is necessary to raise it to such a height that it is convenient for the master to carry out diagnostics and repairs. For this, motor-hoists are used, which, in contrast to the lifting equipment for cars, take up much less space in the garage. As auxiliary devices, tackles or stands for a motorcycle are used.
Wheel hoists – have a frame structure, curved to fit the shape of the wheel, allowing you to grab and lift the front or rear wheels of the motorcycle. When working with such equipment, you need a stand for the motorcycle, and the replacement and maintenance of the wheels will be carried out alternately.
Motor hoists under the frame – equipped with a platform on which the motorcycle is mounted on the bottom. Such a stand allows not only simultaneously servicing both wheels, but also to carry out suspension diagnostics and repair work.
By type of drive

Mechanical – have a simple design, the lifting of the motorcycle or its parts is carried out under the force of the user on the frame structure or lever. Such models are usually used for light motorcycles (weighing 250 – 300 kg).
Hydraulic – these hoists are equipped with a hydraulic drive that increases the user’s efforts when acting on the lever. The carrying capacity of such models is many times higher than that of mechanical ones. Such equipment is used in the professional field.
By installation method:
Stationary – are installed at service stations and in service centers, where there is a special section for servicing motorcycles. Such models have a stable design and are equipped with a lifting platform.
Tackles – unlike stationary ones, such devices have wheels, which makes them mobile. Typically, a motorcycle tackle is used in garages or small private workshops, as it does not take up much space.
The carrying capacity of different models ranges from 130 to 700 kg. As a rule, small lifting capacities, up to 400 kg, are possessed by mechanical motor-hoists and tackles for a motorcycle. Hydraulic are able to lift equipment weighing 500 – 700 kg, including motorcycles with a sidecar. When buying a motorcycle stand, also pay attention to what loads it can withstand.

Lifting height indicates how far from the ground you can lift the motorcycle. If you plan to use the lift for a motorcycle when replacing wheels, then a lift height of 20-30 cm will be sufficient. For more complex work, it is better to purchase a lift or tackle for a motorcycle that can lift equipment to a height of up to 70 cm.

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