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A feature of the scissor car lift is that its base can be mounted in a recess in the floor, and when folded, the structure will not take up much space. This will be convenient, for example, in car repair shops where rides at different sections of the car service intersect or where the place of the repair zone is limited.

Device and principle of operation
The scissor car lift consists of a support base on which two scissor mechanisms are mounted in parallel. The most common models with gangways: on some cars drives in entirely and is mounted on wheels, while others – pick-up under the thresholds. There are also scissor lifts with a continuous table on which the load is installed (not used for cars, but for repair of its individual parts).

The lifting mechanism is powered by a hydraulic drive, which consists of a pump with oil and an electric motor. When a user presses a button or lever, the engine starts, driving the pump. The supply of working fluid to the hydraulic cylinder begins, where the pressure necessary to lift the platform with the load is created. To lower the scissor lift platform down, open the exhaust valve. Management is carried out using the remote control, which allows a person to work at a safe distance.
Carrying capacity. Choosing a car scissor lift should be, first of all, based on the weight of the equipment that you plan to service. For example, equipment for cars with a carrying capacity of 1000 – 2000 kg is suitable, for SUVs, minivans, and minibuses – up to 3500 kg. Models with a lifting capacity of up to 1000 kg are usually used to lift heavy parts when performing various maintenance work.

The length of the platforms. Not only how large cars can be serviced depends on this parameter, but also the pickup principle. If a car scissor lift lifts by picking up the machine under the thresholds, then the length of the platforms is not more than 1400 mm. And if the equipment is designed to drive the car with wheels, then the length of the stairs can reach 5000 mm.

Lifting height. This is the maximum distance by which the scissor lift can lift the load relative to the base. For different models, this figure is from 1000 to 2000 mm.

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