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In repair shops and at service stations, two-post lifts are used to raise cars. Unlike single-post, they are more stable and can lift machines weighing up to 5.5 tons. This allows you to serve not only cars, but also trucks.

Design features and principle of operation
The structure of the two-post car lift is quite simple: these are two vertical posts connected by a strong metal frame (inside it there is a synchronization cable and a hose with working fluid). On each rack paws (levers) are fixed for lifting the car. Since the racks are equipped with hydraulic cylinders driven by an electro-hydraulic pump, a two-post lift requires connecting to the mains.

The car is mounted on a two-post lift, the user presses the lift button, the pump turns on and begins to create working fluid pressure. Hydraulic cylinders smoothly push the levers up, and the load rises. To fix the car at the right height, there are special locking locks of a two-post lift. To lower the car, you need to remove the lock and press the special lever.

The installation site of the two-post lift is subject to special requirements. Firstly, the floor must be concrete, with double reinforcement. Secondly, a certain period of final hardening of concrete must pass, after which the installation of the structure is allowed. Thirdly, the racks must be attached to the floor with anchor bolts strictly according to the instructions.

Types of equipment
With upper synchronization, these are the so-called two-post lifts with a clean floor (the connecting bar is located on top). Such two-post lifts are very popular because their design is very convenient for the master, since when servicing a car mounted on racks, nothing stands in the way. In addition, it makes it easier to drive in.
With lower synchronization – a feature of this design is that the two racks are connected by a metal frame from the bottom. This two-post car lift is excellent for work if the floor on which it is installed is not very strong – the lower support gives additional rigidity and stability to the whole structure. Such a two-post lift is convenient for servicing cars with a high body (jeeps, minivans) – there is no obstacle from above when lifting, and the risk of damage to the car is eliminated.
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