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Car pullers for various applications




Pullers for the car – the right addition to the toolbox

For the disassembly of individual complex components and assemblies of the vehicle, in addition to a set of hand tools, special tools are also needed. So, for example, universal car pullers of various configurations are used to disassemble bearings, gears, discs, pulleys, wheels from shafts and axles.

Removing the above parts using special pullers ensures their safety, since in this case the applied force is distributed evenly over the part and does not deform the metal. This helps to avoid unwanted damage, increases the service life of components and assemblies and ultimately ensures the safety of operation of the vehicle. In addition, pullers can significantly reduce the time of repair and replacement of the desired node cars.

What are universal pullers?

Universal pullers are divided into the following types:

Pullers with 2 legs;
3 leg pullers;
Hydraulic pullers;
Strippers disconnectors (separators);
Internal pullers (for bearings).
Constructive and geometric features affect not only the configuration of the puller, but also how much it costs and for what types of work it can be applied.

The design and principle of operation of universal pullers

Any universal puller consists of the following elements:

Paws to capture;
Thrust screw (sometimes called a power screw);
The screws restrict the movement of the grippers;
Rotary handle;
Support pins.
Typically, the principle of the puller is as follows: the legs reliably fix the removed part, the central tip of the power screw is located in the center of the shaft, after which the part is gradually removed by rotating the screw. During operation, preference should be given to such a puller, at which use the capture of the removed part will be as reliable as possible. This affects not only the quality of work, but also your safety. In addition, it is necessary to use protective eyewear, especially if the part to be removed is made of hardened metal or cast iron.

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