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Tool trolleys, trolleys, tool inserts, accessories, tool boxes.


Tool trolleys!Order in the workshop is a guarantee of fast and high-quality performance of any work by the master. For the qualitative organization of the workshop space, shelves, cabinets and other auxiliary devices are used, among which special attention is paid to tool trolleys. Their main advantage is mobility and excellent capacity with relatively small overall dimensions. Buy an instrument trolley that meets the functional requirements of your craft, offers an online store ProofTools, which presents domestic products.

Why do we need tool carts?The main purpose of tool trolleys is to organize the storage of a large number of tools, both in small workshops and in production conditions. Thanks to the mobility and ease of use, the tool trolleys allow, therefore, to equip a full-fledged workplace in the immediate vicinity of the machine, work platform or repaired object.Tool trolleys are a separate category of production furniture used for storing and transporting working tools within a workshop, workshop or production complex. Depending on the specifics of the work processes, such carts can store various types of tools: locksmith, electric, as well as more complex diagnostic tools. These devices are most popular in car repair shops and large industrial and industrial premises, where in the process of work there is a need to use various equipment and tools.

Kinds of carts for tools and features of their design
By type of construction, two types of bogies are distinguished:

Rack – such carts are mobile devices in the form of simple frame structures, to which a certain number of shelves are fixed; Tool-type sewage trolleys are designed primarily for storing and moving large-sized tools and workpieces;
Hull – the design of these trolleys is more complex and improved in terms of functionality; The set includes drawers of different depths and sizes, which are hidden under a single hull. Advantage of hull carts recognized the presence of an upper platform, which can be used as a desktop, a workbench and other auxiliary space.

It should be noted that the number of built-in boxes in tool carts of hull type can vary. In addition, the boxes are equipped with softening door closers, locks and lodges for more convenient storage of individual elements.
The mobility of the design of the tool trolleys is provided by small rotating wheels, which can be fixed in the desired position if necessary. For the convenience of movement, a special handle is also provided in the structure. The additional user capabilities of these devices include magnetic holders, to which metal parts and tools are attached. The average height of the trolleys is 1-1.2 meters, and their weight does not exceed 100 kg.
In the manufacture of tool carts, steel is used. But for the manufacture of table tops, not only steel but also wood can be used – the choice depends on the intended use of the storage facility and the type of work that will be performed on this part of the trolley.

Advantages of tool trolleysTool trolleys are multifunctional devices with a high degree of mobility, which are ideal for use in medical institutions, car repair shops and garages, as well as in various industrial and industrial facilities. Due to the convenience and ergonomic design, these technical means provide storage and transportation of a large number of tools, parts and working elements, maximally preserving the integrity of the working space.

Thus, the distinctive advantages of tool trolleys are recognized:

Volume and capacity – a lot of light and heavy tools can be stored in carts, while ease of movement will be preserved;
A high level of mobility – the trolleys make it possible to transport the necessary tools easily and quickly through the working object without resorting to the help of outsiders, and turning wheels make it much easier to turn the trolley in a closed or cramped space;
Compact – tool trolleys are small, do not take up much space and are ideal for small rooms and small workshops;
Ease of use – once spread out the tool depending on the purpose and size, you will forget about the chaos in your workshop. A well-thought-out design and the availability of auxiliary control elements provide quick access to the right tool at any time.

For its part, in addition to quality, the ProofTools online store offers the optimal cost of these devices: the price of tool trolleys depends on the type of construction chosen, the version and number of boxes / shelves, dimensions and capacity (volume).

What to look for when choosing?For the correct organization of the workflow, it is important to use those tools and tools for storage of tools that will best correspond to the specifics of the work performed. Therefore, when choosing tool trolleys, the preferred size and degree of functionality of the mobile means should be determined in advance. Special attention should be given to the quality of the workmanship and the materials used. The following points are also taken into account:

Thickness of metal – the reliability and operating time of the trolley depend on this indicator;
Weight – this affects the mobility of the trolley at different degrees of loading;
Quality of welding seams – they should be neat and level, do not stand out on the relief;
Functionality – the number of options and the configuration of tool carts are determined by the user;
The size of the wheels – on it depends the reliability and stability of the trolley while traveling through the workspace;
Type of sliding system – its main task is to ensure a smooth progress of drawers and ease of access to tools located in their distant parts.

The assortment presented by the online shop ProofTools, allows you to buy an instrument trolley, taking into account the functional requirements of each individual master. All models of ProofTools products comply with the quality and technical safety standards, therefore they are durable and most comfortable when performing work operations that require the use of a large number of different tools. Now the choice is yours!

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