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Set of boxes
Consists of a set of trays. Containers of different sizes are used to store a large stock of tools.
Compact suitcase that opens wide. Mandatory element of the case – the side end handle. Powerful surround equipment cannot be accommodated in it.
Container of low height, separated by compartments. Execution options – a case with a handle or a drawer with sliding trays. Sections of the small sizes are intended for storage of small fasteners and accessories.
Due to the regulation of space in the organizer are placed larger screwdrivers and pliers.
Open container, similar to a box without a lid. Sometimes models stand on a flat tray with a recess for the tool. Not intended for transport in the hands, as many are not equipped with handles.
A bag
It resembles an ordinary gym bag with a pair of handles and a belt. The advantage is considered large capacity, increased ease of carrying.
The disadvantage is the soft fabric, which makes it difficult to transport large equipment, does not protect against damage, moisture. Some models are equipped with a rigid frame.
External similarity with classic backpacks, the internal space is adapted for the location of tools. Some models are equipped with frames for carrying weighty items. To get inventory is inconvenient.
The rectangular box is divided into compartments, so the tool is decomposed by type. Some containers include removable trays, wheels. Folding models are made as a transformer.
The product takes up little space, and when fully unfolded it turns into a whole warehouse of tools.
The container on wheels with the handle. The size is usually large, the capacity is large, the internal volume is divided into sections, often sliding. Used in workshops and factories. Far transportation will not make.
tool boxes on wheels
Structurally, the box is a vertically located body on wheels. Inside the space is divided into sections, retractable compartments are equipped.
Wheels are made of plastic or rubber. The simplest models are represented by a metal container with wheels and a handle. Designed to store and carry a small amount of equipment.
aluminum tool boxes
Aluminum products are practical and compact, they are suitable for storing various tools and small parts. The peculiarity of the material is high resistance to deformation and corrosion.

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