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Sand paper, flap discs, backing pads, wire brushes, cutting discs, drill chucks


Grinding power tools are equipped with special brushes, which are formed from metal wire and differ in thickness and appearance. These cleaning designs help clean and level surfaces. They can be presented in the form of hand brushes, as well as attachments for a drill, a grinder, a grinding machine. Devices for drills or grinders can be cup, disk, conical shape or be made in the form of a whisk. Such structures are popular among builders, as they allow to increase the speed of cleaning metal surfaces. With their help, they remove burrs, errors in welding seams, and old paint coat.
When used properly, the grinding brushes increase their efficiency, safety and increase the quality of grinding. It is important to choose the optimal mode to achieve the goals.
In case of insufficient efficiency, the following actions should be performed.
Increase the speed by inserting a cleaning device of a larger diameter into the grinder or increase the number of revolutions (not higher than the allowable ones).
Apply a device that has shorter bristles.
Use a cleaning structure that has a larger wire diameter.
If the effect is greater than expected, do the following.
Reduce speed by applying a grinding structure with a smaller diameter, or reduce the number of revolutions.
Use a cleaning device that has longer bristles.
Apply a construction whose wire is thinner.
In order for the brush to efficiently perform its functions, it is necessary to use light pressure to hold only the tips of the wire. When squeezing the cleaning device quickly collapses and becomes unusable.
Abrasive belts

Many construction and repair and finishing works can not do without the use of modern grinding machines. These devices are designed for processing surfaces of different scales, removing the top layers of the coating from products made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. The technology of their work makes the rather time-consuming grinding process simple, fast and not requiring much effort, but only when using really high-quality pieces of equipment.

The key working part of the grinding machine is abrasive tape. This ringed grinding sandpaper, moving on special rollers on the principle of tracked vehicles, reliably treats the surface.

The tape for the grinding machine is used for sanding wooden, metal and plastic products, preparing them for further priming and puttying, painting or varnishing. Since most of the modern grinding technology is universal, the quality of the work and the final result in each particular case essentially depend on the selection of the optimal equipment, mainly the abrasive belt.
Types of abrasive belts

The abrasive belt for the grinding machine varies in terms of the material used, the width, the grit characteristics, the characteristics of the joints and other indicators.
composition used for the manufacture of materials;
type of structure – endless, narrow, wide;
Connection – various types of seams.
The basis for the tape is most often made from paper or fabric, most often – polyester. Fabric products are more durable and elastic, and therefore are more relevant for most types of processing. Modern abrasive tape has a filling in the form of grains of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide or zirconium, also for this purpose use of electrocorundum with a ceramic coating. The grain sizes of the grinding belt are classified into four groups, depending on the fraction of abrasive material. These include grinding and grinding powders, micro-powders, as well as fine micro-powders.

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