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Welding MIG MMA TIG INVECTOR autogenous torches, clamps, welding magnets, welding masks.


First-class welding equipment
Sooner or later each of us have to deal with welding equipment during repairs to the car. This is due to the wide popularity and professional welding equipment, because of the quality of this equipment will depend on the car itself and the quality of the repair. It’s no secret that a good master welder, armed with a professional welding equipment, can perform more complex work, and to a greater extent. Thus, you also save money, not spend it on low-cost equipment from China.
We have a presence there is always the latest news, which is constantly updated assortment of our shop.
Modern welding invertersWelding transformers of European qualityAutomatic and semi-automaticInnovative accessories and materials for weldingprotective equipmentIn addition, the entire arsenal of professional welding equipment you buy at an affordable price.
In step with the times
Today, a new welding equipment and materials are quickly replacing the old and bulky. This is not surprising, because all new fast gaining popularity, especially if it’s new much better the old. And these are the models of welding equipment and materials you will find in our online store. All our welding machine passed many inspections and tests, and successfully earned a European quality mark. So if you’ve decided to buy something of high quality equipment for welding, then you came to the right address. We always have what you need.
All our welding equipment for car-care center has a lot of advantages that will always facilitate your work.
The simplicity of the device – no special training required to handle even a novice.Compact size and light weight – no longer have to wrestle with the definition of space for welding equipment for car service.The ability to perform even the most complex and delicate workMultifunction devices
For those seeking a modern welding machine for service, we always have something to offer. For example, a great option for auto-service welding machine inverter STROM – a highly efficient welding machine with excellent performance, just over € 700. Alternatively we can offer excellent materials for welding, they are all of the highest quality and meet all modern requirements. We have a vast range of materials for welding.
Recommended immediately view the entire catalog of welding materials, welding consumables in our catalog you will find also a short description of each material. Sale of welding consumables, we are always accompanied by expert advice that you can ask your questions. We not only sell high quality welding materials, and are always ready to advise you.
If you are buying a welder, do not forget to buy welding materials, we are always at good price and high quality. And check out their characteristics, you will be pleasantly surprised to purchase consumables.

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