Work sneakers size 45 (AIR MESH + microfiber leather)

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The PAERIS SB P range of work boots offers a sporty and modern look, high comfort and the most important characteristics of a safety boot, i.e.
A flexible, anti-puncture insole made from material used for body armor, with a dense mesh structure and up to 4 mm thick, will protect the bottom of the foot from sharp objects.
The wide steel cap, manufactured according to European safety standards, can withstand pressure of up to one and a half tons and impact from a height of up to 200 J.
The airy upper is lined with sponge material on the inside for air circulation and a comfortable fit. The thick, innovative polyurethane foam sole, together with a special polyurethane foam insole, effectively absorbs bruises and minor bumps.
The foam footbed provides support for your toes, midfoot and heel, and is 10mm thick at its thickest point.
Shoes and shoe removal without having to untie the laces.
Upper material: AIR MESH + microfiber leather.
Sole material: polyurethane.
Insert length: 30 cm.
Leg length: 29.4 cm.
Size: 45.
Compliance with EN 20345 standard.
Leg protection:
Categories: SB P.
Slip resistance: SRA.
Steel toe, resistant to impacts up to 200 J and crushing up to 15 kN.
Composite anti-puncture insole protects the foot from punctures by sharp elements with pressure up to 1100 N.
Comfortable foam insole up to 10 mm thick in thick places.
Flexible and non-slip polyurethane outsole.

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