Saw for cutting (Dry/Wet) marble and tiles 125 mm 1400 W.

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It has a powerful motor that is resistant to temperature and dust.

Power: 1400 W.
Speed: 12000 rpm.
Engine temperature resistance up to 200°C.
Blade: 125 x 22.2mm (YT-59982 diamond blade for dry/wet cutting).
Adjustable cutting depth: max. 38 mm.

Dry/wet work.
Automatic residual current switch.
Adjustable water jet.
Copper rotor and stator.
The rubber cable does not break in cold weather.
Smooth and rigid edged boot.
The kit includes keys for disassembling/assembling the shield.
Dustproof switch.
The high power motor used allows the machine to be used for cutting natural stone or grooves in concrete. The blade size is 125 mm x 22.23, making accessories widely available and allowing optimal adaptation to the material being cut.

The water jet is adjustable and its diameter is suitable for 18V YT-86211 water supply as well as garden sprayers. Thanks to this feature, there is no dust in the air, the cut occurs faster, the blade wears less, and the edge of the material does not wear out.

The base plate is smooth and rigid, which allows for easy slitting, and the machine can cooperate with the guide for parallel cutting.
High rotation speed of 12,000 rpm ensures chip-free cutting.
The rotor and stator windings are made of copper and are resistant to high temperatures up to 200°C.
Good visibility of the cutting line and a secure grip guarantee precision processing.
The device is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability when working in difficult conditions – dust, high temperatures and loads caused by processing composite porcelain tiles and granite.

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