Digital induction soldering station (Hot Air), 75 W.

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  • YATO_YT-82458_3-1234×800-1
  • YATO_YT-82458_4-1234×800-1
  • YATO_YT-82458_5-1234×800-1
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2-in-1 symbol soldering station with dual LED digital display, temperature control and many features to make it easy to solder connections correctly.
The station supports the 908D soldering iron, adapted to the very popular 900M series replacement tips, and the HOT-AIR handle with airflow from a brushless fan.

Soldering Station:

power: 75 W;
temperature range: 200-480°C;
temperature accuracy: ± 1°C;
Device hibernation: 10 min.
Hot air station:

power: 750 W;
temperature range: 100 – 480°C;
temperature accuracy: ± 2°C;
air flow: max. 120 l/min;
smooth regulation of air flow;
brushless fan ensures quiet operation;
automatic cooling and sleep mode of the device after placing the hot air handle in the holder on the side of the station;
three round hot air nozzles with a diameter of 4.4 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm;
square hot air nozzle with a side of 12 mm.
General features:

temperature stabilization;
detecting sensor faults;
front on/off buttons;
fuse in the socket.
The digital dual display with blue LED backlight informs us that:

set and then the actual hot air tip/nozzle temperature;
the station goes into sleep mode;
service messages;
heating tip/hot air nozzle mode.
Soldering iron 908D for installation on a durable metal stand:

heater operating voltage: 24 V;
tip type: 900 m;
ceramic heater;
cable length: 1 m;
stock weight: about 100 g.
Hot air handle with brushless fan:

nozzle holder diameter: 21 mm;
ceramic heater;
cable length: 1 m;
handle weight: about 200 g.
The 2-in-1 soldering station with the symbol YT-82458 is manufactured with anti-electrostatic discharge technology, which ensures that no excess electrostatic charge accumulates on the body. Thanks to this, we limit the risk of damage to, for example, sensitive SMD circuits. The soldering station heats up to an operating temperature of 350°C in about 15 seconds, with hot blast in about 10 seconds.

The temperature stabilization function allows you to maintain the set tip temperature under varying heat demand conditions for proper soldering. The tip, depending on the size of the soldered element and the soldering area, emits more or less heat, and the device, using the built-in tip temperature sensor, constantly reads its real value and compares it with the set one. one, then, depending on the needs, it increases or decreases energy consumption to maintain the set temperature.

The device’s hibernation function allows the soldering station to go into standby mode, which automatically reduces the operating temperature to 200°C. Thanks to this, we avoid unnecessary heating of the tip, which significantly extends its service life. The YT-82458 model, or rather the soldering station module, will go into sleep mode after 10 minutes of operator inactivity.

The auto cool function combined with the hibernation function allows the hot air module to cool the nozzle to 100°C and then enter sleep mode. After finishing work, the operator must place the handle into the plastic handle with a built-in touch activating element, after which the nozzle will cool down and automatically go into hibernation. When the handle is removed, the hot air module is automatically activated to preset parameters.

The sensor fault detection function provides automatic diagnostics of electronic circuits necessary for proper operation of the device. After turning on the power button, the station undergoes self-diagnosis and, in case of problems, displays an error message.

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