Soldering station with LED display 75W

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Soldering station with digital LED display, temperature control and temperature calibration function is designed to work with a tip with a built-in heater.
T12 tips are a combination of ceramic-embedded resistance wire, a temperature sensor and a high-quality soldering tip.
The integrated tip design ensures fast heating and very fast temperature stabilization. The station, as one of the few on the market, has an additional feature that extends the life of the heater and temperature sensor, which significantly increases the efficiency of the handpiece with an integrated design.
The soldering iron allows you to quickly change the tip, it is very pleasant to the touch and has one of the smallest distances between the handle and the soldering point, which is very convenient for precision work.

Power: 75 W.
Temperature range: 90-480°C.
Temperature accuracy: +-2°C.

Temperature stabilization.
Temperature calibration.
On/off button on the front panel.
The digital display with red LED backlight informs us about:

What is the set and actual temperature of the tip.
Temperature calibration function settings.
Soldering iron:

Heater operating voltage: up to 24V.
Tip type: T12.
Quick tip change.
Heater and temperature sensor built into the handpiece.
Thin handle made of high quality plastic.
Small distance between the handle and the soldering point: the tip protrudes only 45 mm.
Flexible cable resistant to high temperatures.
Cable length: 1.05 m.
Stock weight with tip + cable: approx. 65 g.
The kit includes a T12-ILS nozzle – for precision work, an nozzle with a diameter of only 0.15 mm.
The YT-82461 soldering station warms up to an operating temperature of 350°C in about 20 seconds, while it heats up to approximately 85% of the set value, i.e. in this case to approximately 300°C in 7 seconds.


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