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Welding inverter STROM MMA-200 is an easy to use, reliable and lightweight device for manual arc welding (MMA) with piece coated electrodes. Internal electronic components are cooled by a high-efficiency fan for added reliability and controlled by a thermal protection system.
The STROM MMA-200 welding inverter is a reliable and durable power source for professional welding. The STROM MMA-200 provides a high stability of direct current, which allows welding of most metals, including alloyed and unalloyed steel and cast iron. With the STROM MMA-200, most electrodes with a diameter of 1.6 mm to 4.0 mm are compatible.
The device has the most up-to-date performance and ensures the quality of welding thanks to the latest IGBT technology.


Excellent arc characteristics – stability of welding quality
Easy to use – welding current adjustment and excellent welding results
Convenient design – provides ease of carrying the power source, which allows you to use the device almost anywhere
The possibility of using an extended-length network cable – provides an increase in the operating range of the welding machine
Excellent welding properties thanks to the most modern inverter technology
Ideal for basic, rutile and special electrodes
With hot start, anti-adherence and automatic regulation of arc pressure
Full power also at power surges in the network and the use of long cables
High efficiency and low energy consumption thanks to the most advanced power semiconductor technology and the function of the fan low power mode
The maximum power of 200 amperes allows using electrodes with a diameter of up to 4.0 mm.
The apparatus providing good welding should always be at hand. We did everything to ensure your mobility: minimal weight and compact size. our main goal is to provide you with the possibility of perfect welding at any time and in any place.

Control Panel

The STROM MMA-200 control panel is extremely easy to use – it only has one button for setting the welding current.
Ultimate strength at minimum weight
Three steps before perfect welding

Turn on the unit
Choose welding technology / electrode type
Adjust the welding current


Welding machine – 1 pc.
Welding cable with electrode holder – 1 pc.
Welding cable with clamp mass – 1 pc.
Protective shield – 1 pc.
Stripping brush – 1 pc.
Instruction manual – 1 pc.


Power supply voltage 220 V ± 15%
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption of MMA 5.5 kVA
Welding current MMA 10-200 A
Operating voltage MMA 18-28 V
Idling voltage MMA 59 V
Welding current MMA PN (40 ° C) 60% 200A
Welding current MMA (PN 100%) 160 A
The diameter of the MMA electrode is 1.5-4.0 mm
Protection class IP 21S
Dimensions 300 × 140 × 250mm
Dimensions of the box 370 × 280 × 290mm
Weight (netto) 4,450 kg
Weight (brutto) 7,050 kg
Antistick ✓
Hot Start ✓
Lift-Tig ✓
Adjustable arc afterburner ✓

We recommend that you read the operating instructions carefully and follow the safety, operation and maintenance instructions for the welding machine.

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10 kg