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As most experienced drivers with extensive experience know, even expensive cars from world-famous manufacturers still need to be regularly checked and repaired. These services today provides many service centers and individuals, but their cost is often high. That is why, our online automotive equipment store offers to buy a measuring tool with which everyone can independently cope with car repair.

What is a torque tool? The torque wrench is a professional tool with which the nuts are tightened. Such a key differs from a standard wrench in that a dynamometer is built into it. An element such as a dynamometer allows you to determine, or rather, measure the moment of force with which the nut is twisted. Usually such a key is used to create industrial equipment, when carrying out car repair work or assembling devices. In general, we can say that where it is necessary to apply the same forces when creating connections.

It is worth noting that there are several types of torque wrenches.

The torque wrench is available in several versions. Common ones are the following types:

1. Limit.
2. Scale.
3. Arrow.

Each species has certain features. For example, marginal, they can be attributed to the type of instruments that give audible signals when reaching the required effort. Very convenient in the case when there is a need to create a lot of connections with the same force. Actually when carrying out tire works.

Scale. These keys are equipped with a scale on which, when installing fasteners, the moment of force is displayed. Actual when creating building structures, where it is necessary to strictly monitor how the bolts were tightened.

Arrow keys. By the principle of operation they are similar to the scale ones, only data can be obtained both when tightening and on the already installed fastener.

When buying such tools, you should consider certain features that will help you choose a quality product. Choosing such a tool, pay attention to such parameters as: the presence of a ratchet, the size of a square, a digital indicator. These parameters will help to perform the work in accordance with all standards. Moreover, the presence of such an element as a digital indicator will become very useful and convenient during the work. Torque wrench price will depend on the above parameters.

If you are already tired of being in constant search for the necessary tools and all your countless attempts do not bring any results, then our store specialists are ready to help you. Our extensive catalog contains high-quality tools with all the necessary parameters in order to make work convenient. The torque wrench can be bought at an affordable price.