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Soldering stations for soldering hot air

Thermo-air stations are a source of contactless soldering; they use an open stream of hot air focused by the nozzle on the component leads to heat the components.

The principle of operation of such a soldering iron is absolutely similar to the work of a regular hair dryer for drying hair. The difference is only in the temperature of the air that comes out of the tip of the dryer. Such soldering stations allow you to adjust the air temperature at the outlet from 100 to 550 ° C, there is also the possibility to adjust the air flow.
Thanks to the use of temperature control systems, soldering stations of the latest generation allow to get a more uniform flow of hot air.
Thermoair soldering stations are divided by the method of air supply to compressor and turbine ones.
In the compressor, the air supply is carried out using a diaphragm compressor built into the station body.
In the turbine, a small, compact, electric motor with an impeller that generates the required amount of air flow is built into the handle of the hot air gun.
Many air turbine control stations use wortex technology, which allows to get swirling air at the nozzle exit.
Due to its compactness, these stations can be used in workplaces with a small area.