Gas distribution mechanism is one of those which determine performance of the vehicle. If you do not pay attention to check its functionality, it can then happen that he simply terminates. All that needs to be changed when the timing belt and chain, that it is necessary to make a change in the process and how the replacement of the timing belt with your hands with a video you can learn from the article.
Change your own timing beltFrequency of replacementThe first question that interests many motorists – is the frequency of the timing belt replacement. How many thousands of kilometers change the component? The proper answer to this question must take into account certain nuances. Firstly, it is the quality of the strap.
It has long been known that the domestic car market is teeming with fake and counterfeit products, so sellers often offer consumers not original. As you might guess, these parts are not particularly distinguished durability and reliability, resulting in the car owner have to change the element more often.
Old and new timing belt
Also it should be noted that the frequency and detail depends on the manufacturer. The average interval at which the replacement of the timing belt is carried out, ranging from 60 to 70 thousand kilometers.
It was during this run usually varies strap. Another factor to be taken into account – is the age of the car. If your vehicle was released 20 years ago, it must be borne in mind that the general deterioration of all components and mechanisms is faster as a result of the aging of the machine structure itself.
After how many kilometers in this case, changing component and how often it should be done? In practice, this procedure is carried out necessarily through 35-40 thousand kilometers.
Another thing, if you have purchased a car with it. In this case, the question of when to change the timing belt, can not be postponed.
If so, how many kilometers and when to change the timing belt, everything is clear, we proceed to the next question. How to change a timing belt – this question is no less important.
Consider general instructions on how to change the component.
The first battery is disconnected. Drive Generator strap should also turn off, and the first cylinder piston must be put in the position of top dead center.
Then wrench is required to unscrew the screw of the tension roller, then the roller rotates itself to attenuate to the tension rate was reduced.
Further, the item must be removed from all rolls – a switchgear, roller shafts and the pump shaft.
To remove the mounting screw drive shaft, crankshaft pulley should be recorded so that he could not crank. Usually crankshaft pulley is fixed by means of a powerful screwdriver. The essence is to carry out the dismantling of the plug, with the pulley must not rotate.
Using a wrench, unscrew the screw is required, which fixes the drive crankshaft pulley. pulley itself is dismantled, followed with particular care to pull the puck drive component. Sam strap removed. Mounting element takes place in reverse order.Do I need to change the pump when replacing the timing belt?In general, change the timing belt – a very complicated issue that requires certain skills. Let us consider a few specific nuances. How often, how many kilometers, when the timing belt change – these issues periodicity – a private matter. But we must remember that with the strap should be changed, and other components.
In practice, virtually all experts today carried out a replacement strap timing together with the pump. This is due to the fact that for the proper functioning of the whole mechanism supporting desirable to install new parts. Actually, we also recommend to carry out the replacement of the pump together with the change of the timing component.
Do I need to change the rollers when replacing the timing?After how many kilometers it is necessary to change the rollers? The answer is simple – change the rollers together with a strap. It is necessary to do so for the same reason that the basic component together with the pump and is changing. To once again did not have to climb and disassemble the mechanism, it is recommended to install the new parts.
Change the timing chainNow consider all the details relating to the timing chain.
When you need to change?
The first thing we are interested in – so when changing the timing chain. Unlike the previous case, in foreign cars equipped with chains, this procedure is carried out less frequently. But again, it all depends on a few nuances. First – this is the general condition of the mechanism. If certain elements are in urgent need of change, it could affect the resource chain as a whole.
Typically, a service resource in the chain there km. In most cases, it is set for the lifetime of the car, then simply disposed of. However, rarely are in Russia and the former CIS vehicles in scrap and commonly used “until victory”, respectively, where they go to a lot more of his life. Domestic motorists usually faced with the need to change the circuit by 250-300 thousand kilometers.
Tools and replacement stepsConsider general instructions. Video is provided below.
Prepare instrument:
set of heads;two screwdrivers;a set of keys;jack;torque wrench;sealant.
We proceed to the replacement of:
Regardless of the structure of the vehicle in the first place dismantled conditioner straps alternator and power steering. It is also necessary to remove these devices. After that, remove the transmitter cranked and distributive pulleys. crankshaft pulley disc should also be removed.
Energizes the starter and remove screws that secure it. the device is removed.
It is necessary to unscrew the screws that secure the oil pan, then it must also be removed.
If the right engine cushion prevents access to the circuit, it must also be removed.
After that the keys be turned out all the bolts securing the front cover of the chain, and the cover is dismantled.
When the cap is removed, it should be dismantled and gidronatyazhitel guide. To do this, remove all the necessary screws. The piston of the first cylinder is exposed to TDC. All labels on pulleys and chain must match. The old chain is removed, then set a new one. Do not forget the labels.Now that you know how to replace the timing belt and chain.