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Pneumatic wrench is designed for quick tightening and unwinding of nuts and bolts. Such tool finds application in car-care centers, repair shops and on production.
Device and principle of operation
Any pneumatic wrench is shaped like a gun with a start button and is connected to the compressor with a hose through which air enters. The case itself can be made of plastic or metal. The latter is considered the most reliable, since the heat is discharged more quickly and the pneumogive is not overheated.
The force of compressed air drives the rotation mechanism, and the head tightens the fasteners. On the handle there is a special screw with which the air flow is regulated. This provides a better twist.
Special features
Pneumatic wrenches work on the force of compressed air, so they can be used where there is no electricity, as well as in places with high humidity.
The lack of a motor makes the tool easy, so the user will not tire during work.
The reverse function allows you to change the direction of rotation of the head to quickly unscrew the nut or loosen the connection.
To unscrew the fasteners in a hard-to-reach place, an extension nozzle is used.
How to choose?
Depending on the application, choose an unstressed or impact pneumatic bi-wrench. The latter allows you not only to tighten the fasteners, but also to quickly unscrew the rusted nuts.
When buying, pay attention to the tightening torque of the tool. Different pneumatic wrenches can have from 30 to 3000 Nm. The higher this indicator, the greater the effort is made when tightening fasteners.
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