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Body – the largest in size of the vehicle and one of the most important. Despite the seeming simplicity of the outside, it is a rather complicated structure, which for its establishment required considerable work Designers. The body can be divided into three parts – the front engine compartment, cabin and trunk for cargo. This element of the machine performs both practical and aesthetic function – that it affects the perception of the appearance of the car.
If there was trouble, and body needed to recover, you need the help of a specialist. He will produce a body repair, which involves correcting the structural elements to the factory condition. To repair mark does not catch the eye, this work should be trusted only to professionals who are equipped with the tools for car body repair.car repair after an accident
Body repair almost always required for one reason – the car involved in the accident. The complexity of the repair depends on the extent of the injuries. It should take into account not only the external damage, but also internal.
With extensive injuries require a tool body, a slipway. It allows the body to return the correct configuration. Edit exposed parts that are difficult to replace; Interchangeable elements often change as their replacement is cheaper than correction.If the problem is not so massive, it is possible to manage and easier ways to repair, such as straightening. In this case, the tool will be useful for body repair and straightening mallet hammers with replaceable nozzles. With their help, the wizard manually restore the surface of the body. They work on the damaged item, it is not a form closer to the original. This method will not work to achieve perfect smoothness, which was with the factory product, but after shpatlevanija grinding and getting enough quality product.After the restoration of body geometry of all comes the painting. If the vehicle has a standard paint color, dents can be painted locally. Otherwise it requires completely repaint the car.Eliminating minor scratches and dents
These lesions are eliminated by using a local body repair. Modern tools allow for works to repair without dismantling the damaged item. It is also difficult stage is to restore the geometry of the damaged parts. The more accurate is its shape, the less need to use putty.
Body repair feature is that it is rarely required and is carried out using special equipment, so motorists rarely perform it yourself. Have tools for works prices also do not contribute to the purchase for private use. If the hammer for straightening are cheap enough, the pumps for removing dents are quite expensive.Equipment for the repair of body
Car with modern facilities have such devices:
Hydraulic tools for car repairs;Sets for straightening small dents without repainting;Straightening hammers with nozzles;Hydraulic pump with the conventional manual drive;Pnevmomolotok with chisels.