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The Ford engines often become useless or connecting rod or main bearings of the crankshaft. The consequence of these faults are detonation noise at idle and mid-range.
Ford cars are often equipped with automatic transmission by the electronic control unit. The cooling system of the engine and gearbox total. Overheated motor causes a reduction in the service life of gaskets, O-rings, rubber cuff and failure torque converters.
For troubleshooting Ford vehicles in our assortment of special tools:
Sets for the installation timing phases.Catches camshafts, dampers.Switches, Sockets and sets of service tools.Strippers silent blocks, bearings, brake discs.And a number of other special tools.
When selecting and purchasing tool Ford recommend the use of data on the applicability of the descriptions on the website. Our managers are ready to answer any questions about the instrument the Ford, including the supply of equipment, delivery of goods, technical parameters.