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Welding work should be carried out only in special protection. The forces of light emission sufficient for serious eye burns.
Protective equipment and accessories came with the invention of the method of welding metals.Once it was just a blackout window is now among a variety of products, you can choose glasses, shields, helmets and welding mask chameleon.
Their function is not only to neutralize the welding light, but also to improve the convenience of the work for the welder. This is especially true when working ipoluavtomatov welding inverters.
Good protective equipment for eyes and face are equipped with high-quality glass. The most advanced ones are those that are able to darken in bright light.
Discoloration was called chameleon, indicating the possibility of glass, as in this animal adapt to ambient light.
From all other means of protection for the face and eyes, masks, helmets and shields and photochromic lens is characterized by a liquid crystal filter that changes the degree of dimming automatically.
The visible part of the filter, firmly built in in the mask, has the ability to transform the dimming level as soon as the welding process begins.
The main advantages:
Desktop Eyes instantly receive powerful protection.
Svetozatemnenie does not affect the ability to see well and efficiently manage the process.
The filter light is made on the basis of puff pastry. Liquid crystals constitute a separate layer and polarizer film placed between the layers.
When an external impact on the crystals, they are set in a particular direction, then the filter blocks all light that enters it.
In addition to blocking the light exposure, the chameleon is able to neutralize the ultraviolet and infrared radiation. This is due to the presence of additional protection layer is capable of reflecting UV and IR rays.
For the worker, whose day goes by welding or metal cutting, protective ammunition – a second skin. One of the good options when it is selected – a chameleon mask welder. It is necessary that she was not serious, it is convenient to attach and remove, and had all the protective properties.
Mask with automatic color filter – a complex electron-optical device. The higher degree of protection, which are endowed with “Chameleon”, the greater the likelihood of safe operation using such equipment.
Not every filter can guarantee the complete elimination of emission and radiation falling on the cornea.When the question is how to choose a welding helmet Chameleon, you need to focus on the following parameters:
Optical class filter. Professional grading to a higher level sets the filter that has the marking at least 3 units – 1/1/1/2. These figures are confirmed by the quality certificates, should ensure an excellent, no distortions visible in the sight glass with the highest degree of protection of the light filter.
The rate of switching of the light filter. The glow from including welding reaches the cornea in microseconds, so good speed switching dimming starts from 100 microseconds – 1/10 000 seconds.
Degrees of protection and shade. The best option – it is when alone the sight glass is absolutely transparent, and at welding – absolutely dark. But, even when fully darkened, glass should not distort or “haze cover” image. A good degree of protection is the one that has a record in the blackout 13DIN.
Adjustment range dimming. Given that the welder does not always have to work in good light, does not prevent the existence of such an option, as the infinitely adjustable dimming range. When working in the dark shop, or somewhere in the basement, darkening filter should be no higher than 9 DIN. If a chameleon has a fixed shade, it is advisable to purchase helmets with different degrees of shading.
The shape and dimensions of the viewing window. Naturally, the window bigger, the better overview, the easier it is, the presence of the above mentioned indicators, worked as a welder.
Manufacturers are trying to do so to the best chameleon welder mask rested on a man’s head, at least in two modes. The first – the closed person, the second – the mask is lifted up.Before the start of welding working is usually enough to shake his head and covers her face with a mask.
The protective mask working in industry, municipal services, construction and performance of individual works ssvarochnym apparatus.And here is where special conditions: very hot, there is a risk of thermal burns, prolonged welding process, workers are much safer and more convenient to work in a helmet the welder a chameleon.
Helmet practically repeats the motorcyclist helmet, the only difference is in the materials from which it is made. As the protective outfit, it is made of lightweight plastic, but the welding glass chameleon size and function should not be worse than wearing masks.
The glasses need to work during a short-term welding, where not need more face protection. Modern welding goggles chameleon like more on a mask for diving, excellent protect eye and are, in fact, one big screen.
The viewing window due to its size has an excellent viewing angle, in good models, it is dense “sits” on the face, except for sparks in his eyes. Points weigh about 300 grams, have an adjustable elastic band and different sizes. In other words, it is possible to select those that will be convenient to operate.
Security settings, dimming and conduction of light are similar to those that characterize good protective chameleon mask.
The simplest remedy, which is not always convenient to work shield welder a chameleon. The main disadvantage is that you need to keep the shield in one hand, and the other to cook or cut metal.
Welding Shield chameleon typically consists of a filter, its standard size 12/10 cm, and the plastic casing, and in which is mounted filter. Safety parameters are as follows:Turning light filter automatically.
Blackout at rest at 4 DIN.
Blackout in welding – 12 -15 DIN.

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