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All vehicles in the above privacy, Japanese Nissan cars are not insured against unexpected breakdowns. A number of faults become apparent, for the detection of other diagnostic equipment should be used to prevent serious damage to your car. This also applies to Nissan vehicles.Nissan Faults can be both minor and more serious – damage to engine and automatic transmission.Nissan Motor malfunctionsEngine – power unit of your car, the condition of which requires relyarnogo monitoring compliance with service intervals, to monitor his condition to immediately detect the slightest Nissan engine trouble.According to statistics, the main causes of the fault is the failure to comply with the rules of operation.Nissan engines are reliable and yet when you select the tool tsesoobrazno check availability and serviceabilityengine oil,the air filter,brake fluid,Coolantfuel filter,spark plugs,injector.Automatic transmission and suspension Nissan Faults Transmissions installed in Nissan vehicles are characterized by reliability and high-quality torque converter. Therefore, for the automatic maintenance is enough to perform washing or minor replacement parts. Much of the fault automatic Nissan associated with oil seal or seals.Due to wear and tear and automatic ingestion it air or moisture may need to repair the machine, as well as PPC bearings. Avoid costly unplanned repair automatic transmission helps the timely servicing Nissan gearbox with a special tool.To ensure the optimum performance of Nissan cars suspension advisable to monitor details, connections front and rear suspension,brake pads,brake discs,clutch,silent blocks,levers,shock absorbers,ball bearings.